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Welcome to Keeka Collection!

Welcome to Keeka Collection and (finally!) our blog! We’re so glad that you’re here and hope that you find the perfect pieces to compliment your lifestyle. We strive to bring you global goods for contemporary spaces - a slice of traditional craftsmanship to compliment the modern home for the adventurous soul!


I dreamed up this business way back in 2010 while living abroad teaching English after university graduation. I was 23 and wasn’t sure of my next steps - only that didn’t want to teach forever. I decided that I wanted to import jewelry from every corner of the world but didn’t even know if that existed as a job - or if it did, where to start. Jump forward a few years and I'd spent a few fun years in Austin learning all about sales and operations from a Fair Trade company, discovered my love for textiles and interiors, and had the opportunity to head out on countless adventures - and finally Keeka Collection was born!


Starting this month we will be be posting more updates to give you a peek behind the scenes, as well as more in-depth information about our products and business. You can also expect travel stories, information about pop-ups, seasonal highlights, gift guides, and more! Is there something specific that you’d like to hear about? Drop us a line and let us know!


  Sourcing textiles at a market in Cusco, Peru