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Keeka Collection was born out of an excitement for exploring different cultures, the joy in discovering the traditional art forms that make these cultures unique, and a passion for bringing these pieces to homes as special as the artisans who create them. 

With each collection we aim to bring the sense of wonderment that comes with exploring a new city and bring you pieces that add excitement and modern global flair into your home. We partner with artisans and companies to bring you fresh items each season - so whether you jet off monthly or are an avid arm chair traveler, we hope to bring you something that reflects your adventurous soul. We believe that each home tells a story and should be a reflection of the journeys we take and that each piece, large or small, should enrich and inspire you in your day to day life. 

Sourcing textiles at a market in Cusco, Peru


Keeka Collection was founded by Katharine Harlow. She has had a passion for traveling and exploring other cultures from a young age. She collects and curates each of these pieces from artisans that she has met on her travels into the collections found here.

She graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in History and International Studies. Upon graduating she taught English in South Korea before moving to Austin, Texas to work with a small Fair Trade company importing handmade goods from India. Most recently she has been exploring South and Central America and is currently based in Dallas, Texas.